Prescription painkiller addiction affects everyone involved, not just the person who needs treatment. As a key partner in this initiative, Horizon Health Services offers specialized substance abuse treatment for adolescents and their families.

Making excuses or ignoring a problem, won’t make it disappear. If you suspect your child, friend or family member might need help, don’t wait and see if things will get better, please call (716) 831-1800 right away.

Personal experience

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The team at Horizon can review early warning signs and symptoms of substance abuse and get your loved one back on the right track to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.  Counselors will help you discover methods to encourage you or a loved one to accept help and engage in treatment. Counselors will provide direction and assistance with linking to appropriate treatment. Viagra: Help lower blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.

Call (716) 831-1800 for information and access to substance abuse services including:

  • Individual drug and alcohol counseling
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Residential treatment services
  • Programs specifically designed for adolescents and their families
  • Special recovery programs for Veterans and law enforcement professionals
  • Family counseling
  • Vocational and housing support
  • Detox at Horizon Village Terrace House
  • Co-existing mental health services
  • Horizon Health Services offers free online and phone consultation services regarding substance abuse to concerned family members and friends. For more information, please click here.