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August 16th, 2014

Prevention Tip of the Week — Rx Meds: Out of sight, out of mind

Prevent Rx Painkiller Abuse: Tip #1

Prescription medications, and even some over the counter (OTC) medicines, should be stored out of sight in a cool, dry place. This prevents prescriptions from being taken accidentally by other members of the home or tempting friends or family to use medications in an abusive way.

Keeping prescriptions put away reduces the risk of medications being stolen, sold or ingested by visitors, babysitters, friends or family members. Use locking cabinets or storage containers to prevent any accidental or intentional access to potentially addictive medications. Always make sure to count the number of pills left after each dose is administered so no pills go missing unaccounted for.

Keep prescription details private unless you’re sharing them with your care provider or emergency medical personnel. Don’t share medical information unless absolutely necessary.

If you or someone you love is abusing painkillers or any other substance, please call Horizon Health Services. There is hope — we can help. (716) 831-1800

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